Technology is transforming business and changing the nature of leadership and corporate culture. Project You Training Programs help leaders and individuals get ready to work the new ways. These trainings can greatly increase the adaption of enterprise technologies such as Microsoft Enterprise Project Portfolio Management.

  • Develop Leadership Characteristics
  • Thrive in Change and Transparency
  • Coaching Skills for Leaders

Leadership is less about telling people what to do and more about inspiring people to do the right thing. To accomplish your mission, the most effective way is to have self-motivated individuals rowing the boat in the direction you want the boat to go. Command and control can be effective, but you need to be a leader people trust. This personal training help leaders develop trust factors, including embracing transparency, personal accountability, developing higher vision, empathy, humility, and much more. Our focuse is the personality aspect of leadership and we accomplish the goals through a year-long one-on-one conversations.

Thriving in Change and Transparency Training for Teams helps individuals prepare for and embrace change, and helps staff members thrive in the organizations undergoing fast growth or transformation. In this class, we learn how to look at frustrations and challenges differently, how to tap into our personal power and develop resilience, and how we develop a collaborative, solution-oriented mindset. The goal of the class is to develop self-motivated individuals and teams that thrive in change, transparency and personal accountability.

Coaching is one of the most important skills for higher-level leadership positions. Think of yourself as your team’s coach. This course shows you how you can help your team members become leaders. Implementation of a PPM tool brings change to your organization, and it can create burn-out or check-out. Help your team manage stress and respond to change and learning with calm and a positive mindset.


The training met my expectations very well. I learned very helpful ways to use in different situations.


I have a much better understanding of people’s needs. The seminar presented positive ideas and solutions. This seminar is the best one I have been to. Thank you.

Winters Healthcare

Sophia was very nice, down to earth, personable. Time seems to fly by.

Coldwell Banker