At some point, you discover the functionalities you get from Microsoft Project Server or Project Online are not sufficient. You need better cost management or resource management, to mention a few. Those are capabilities of our PPMPlus™ apps suite. With these Project Sever / Project Online add-in product and apps, we are extending Microsoft PPM into a Swiss army knife. Give us a call and see if we have just the right tool for you.

  • Advanced Business Intelligence App
  • Budget Management App
  • Cost Management App
  • Work Management App
  • Ideation Management App
  • Decision Tracking App
  • Project Artifact Management App
  • Program Management
  • Metric Tracking
  • Benefit Management
  • Contract Management App

This add-in app to Microsoft Office Project allows SSRS reports and mobile-ready reports to be created for Project Online. SSRS is the favored technology for creating precision reports, but are not natively supported in Project Online. This Project Online Add-in app allows Microsoft SSRS reports to be rendered and linked directly to Project Online for seamless single sign-on (SSO). Additionally, these reports can have custom subscriptions that are delivered by email or saved into a Project Online document library.

Budget Management add-in app to Microsoft PPM includes forms to update the budget table and reports to show budget views. Budget Change Order and EAC Change Orders update the budget table with approved changes. Data can be manually updated or imported from other applications. EAC can be imported from project schedules updated from EAC Apps. Reports show the summary total and year-by-year detail over the life of project.

Cost Management add-in app to Microsoft PPM consolidates costs from projects’ schedules, manual costs and imports from corporate applications. Reports show Budget to Cost, Cost Summary, Year-over-Year Cost Detail, and Earned Value Chart. Summary budget fields are promoted to MS Project Server fields.

The Work Management Add-in app to Microsoft Project Management software integrates work from all work sources(schedules, calendars, vacation request, issues, service requests, other work activities & customer applications). Work Management app provides a prioritized view of all scheduled work for resources by team. This is the missing piece for Resource Managers that enables them to manage their staff availability and assigned work across all applications that schedule staff time. Project Online or Project Server gives you visibility of tasks scheduled in Microsoft Project scheduling software, this app gives you visibility of work in all sources. You gain a complete picture of your resource utilization and availability.

This Microsoft Project Server/Project Online app allows for an idea to progress through stages without the creation of a project. It enables Ideation Initiators to have only a SharePoint subscription. This add-in app expands the basic features of Ideation with initiation form, workflow, stages, department and portfolio drag-and-drop ranking, star rating with popup comments, investment analysis reports, KPI panels with summary counts, and real-time filtering of list by any field.

Decision Tracking add-in app to Microsoft Office Project tracks and records Steering Committee agenda, discussions and decisions. It allows PM & PMO to add agenda requests for Project Review, Change Requests, Budget Approvals or Decisions. It records discussion and outcomes. You have a single page access to Agenda, Decisions, Project Summary, Related Risks and Status Reports.

Project Artifact Management app to Microsoft Project Management software renders Project Forms (PDP) to documents or reports. For organizations where the PMO wants to minimize updating key project documents. It automatically creates, archives & renders project documents to PDF reports for internal/external audits. This add-in app includes Project Request, Project Charter, Lessons Learned, Closeout, Weekly Status and Benefit Reports.

Program Management App to MS Project Server and Project Online includes program level status report, program KPI with cross-project connections report, PWA program views and capability to add new program entries from the Project initiation Form to Microsoft Office Project Program Field.

History Trend Reporting is limited to Resource Availability and Assignment time/cost in Microsoft office Project. Trend Management & Metric Tracking app builds a trending database and tracks KPI. Trending fields include: custom fields for KPI, Workflow, Budget, Cost, Schedule, Resource, Issues, Risks, Late and Project/Support Ratios. Up to 10 Customer Custom fields are included, thus allowing historical trends to be shown in reports. Report can be filterable by Department, Project Type, Program Project, and Project Owner.

This app tracks Cost Benefits Analysis at Project Initiation and ROI Benefits Analysis at the completion of a project. This Benefit Management add-in app to Microsoft Office Project tracks CBA and ROI from this information and merges with other project information including strategic priority, project type, etc. A workflow and report is provided to alert the PMO to update priority every review cycle.

Contract Management add-in app to Microsoft PPM provides the complete procurement of lifecycle management from issuing RFPs, responding to questions, tracking amendments, reviewing proposals, selecting and awarding vendors, invoicing and payment, to complete contract lifecycle management from award to milestone management, change requests and delivery orders. (under development.)