You have a lot of work to do, but you need to select better, plan better, prioritize better, and execute better. How to ensure right project, right people and right time? Enter Microsoft Project Portfolio Management tools and solutions. A successful implementation of Microsoft Project Online or Project Server leads to delivering more successful projects faster, demonstrating greater value of your PMO.


You can dramatically improve the value of your PMO by increasing your capabilities to select, plan and report on your entire enterprise project portfolios while delivering more projects successfully. We've created solutions for a broad range of industries including health care, transportation, federal and city government, and many more. With a clear-defined scope we give you straightforward pricing, so there is no surprises. If you are not happy, you don't pay, that way we hold ourselves accountable and strive for excellence. We also guarantee our work so you don't have to worry.

For smaller organizations and fast-growing businesses needing to deliver more projects immediately, choose our FasTrack Deployment Services for Project Online. In as little as four weeks, you can start to leverage the essential capabilities you need from Microsoft Project Online to standardize your project and resource management, and leverage the tool to deliver more projects successfully. This best-practice approach is also highly suitable for those in lower PM maturity.

Yes, you can deploy MS Project Serer or MS Project Online in-house, but get this 30-day DIY Package that includes training and support provided as group Q&A sessions. In these sessions we answer your questions as you begin with and proceed to the deployment of this tool over the course of 3 months. Your in-house team will do the heavy lifting while we steer you in the right direction and offer insights.

Not sure whether Microsoft Project Server or Project Online is the right tool for your organization? Get a short assessment engagement with us. We'll conduct a series of face-to-face meetings with your key stakeholders, and provide you with a findings report showing the gaps your organization has with regards to better project & portfolio management, to demonstrate how Microsoft PPM tool can help, and a deployment road map that takes you from where you are to where you want to go.

Organizations with hundreds to ten thousands of users have chosen EPM Solutions to help migrate EPM Live, Clarity, Primavera to Microsoft PPM, or upgrade to Project Server 2016 or MS Project Online. Experience makes a huge difference in reducing cost and downtime. During migration, we make recommendations to improve performance, adjust configuration, and deploy other functionalities you may need. Migration with us leads to a friendlier and more useful project portfolio management system to your PMO, IT and other user groups.

MS Project Server/Project Online For Executives (0.5 day)
MS Project Server/Project Online for Project Managers - (2 days)
MS Project Server/Project Online for Project Administrators (4 days)
MS Office Project (2 days)

Microsoft Project Server or Project Online Operation and Optimization Services address system performance and user adoption issues, and ensure you have access to our expertise following the implementation of the Microsoft project management system. This service is to help you get the intended benefits from Microsoft PPM and maximize your return on investment from Microsoft PPM tools.

End user adoption is particularly important to enterprises with large user bases and multiple business user groups. In this service, we conduct adoption assessment discovery, identify areas of concerns and barriers you are likely to encounter during your PPM adoption, and design the PPM system with a different target audience in mind. By doing so, we ensure that the solution we create is user friendly.

Project Intelligence is critical in executive decision making, but Microsoft Project Server and Project Online may not give you the kind of reports your organization's need. We have excellent report developers certified in Microsoft Business Intelligence to create turn key reports just a click away, saving you a great deal of time and reducing errors from doing those reports manually.