• Momentive
    We received quotes from three companies requesting the same level of features and services, what we received from you saved us 50%
  • GE
    We have 50 seats on EPM Solutions hosted server farm (Project Server and SharePoint), it works out very well. The response time is good. If we have to go through purchasing servers and all components needed, it will take much longer
  • Providence
    Thank you very much for all of your assistance. You have truly been a life (and project) saver!
  • Frank Rimerman
    Your support staff is definitely top notch. They are very helpful and very easy to work with
    Frank Rimerman
  • SL Technology
    EPM Solutions’ skill and knowledge allowed us to easily transition what we needed and wanted into manageable project files, templates, settings and processes including all the background setup required to make it work  
    SL Technology
  • Lockheed Martin
    I don't know of anyone that knows more about Microsoft Project Server than you do
    Lockheed Martin
  • Allergan
    I really must comment on your excellent customer service. Thank you for your efforts in trying to accommodate all of our needs
  • ISO New York
    The NYISO was very satisfied regarding our PPM deployment and onsite training for MS Project Server conducted by EPM Solutions
    ISO New York
  • SMUD
    We are very satisfied with the work EPM solutions has performed for us
  • Lockheed Martin
    We are very pleased with your staff’s expertise and commitment to getting the job done and ensuring that we gained the necessary expertise to become self-sufficient. Thank you very much!
    Lockheed Martin
  • Molecular Insight
    We are very pleased with the quality and the speed of your technical support. I love the scripted approach. The templates are very useful. Greg and his team guided me through with no frustrations. We are given expert advice on what we need to do
    Molecular Insight

Your Vision, Our Passion

Launch your Microsoft EPM solution now. There is no better time. The business landscape is volatile and ensuring every project success has never been more critical. Pressure for higher productivity is the norm and your industry peers are already increasing theirs by using cutting edge project and collaboration tools.

EPM Solutions can help you define what you are trying to achieve, determine a detailed solution that will meet your vision, and build a plan to deliver that solution. We will look at your current project management capabilities, work with the key stakeholders, get buy-in from all parties, and work out the implementation details.

Having the appropriate level of sponsorship to implement an improved solution is critical for the success of any new technology. The solution may change how people work but will provide greater visibility and accountability, which sometimes creates adoption challenges. The appropriate level of sponsorship is crucial to realizing the value of change and the improvements and efficiencies to be gained. It is critical to get users involved early, understand the changes that are coming, and embrace them positively.

It typically takes between 1 and 2 weeks to understand your challenges, objectives and develop the requirements necessary to design the solution that fits your needs. EPM Solutions offers an Envisioning Service, conducted either remotely or onsite, that shows you how to maximize value from the toolset and kick-starts the implementation process.

Choose the right partner and reduce risk – How to choose a Microsoft EPM deployment partner
An enterprise project management (EPM) solution helps organizations to align resources and investments with business priorities and gain control across all types of work, as well as monitor organizational performance using powerful executive dashboards and reporting tools. Only the right partner can help you maximize the benefits these tools can bring to your organization. This White Paper shows you how.

For more information, to speak with a sales representative, or get a custom quote, please contact EPM Solutions at (888) 822-8246 or at Sales Inquiries.

Roll Without The Punches

Those who use EPM FasTrack™ deployment services have achieved more … faster. This vast improvement is largely due to our intensive deployment experiences and experts who map your project management processes and use of best practices. You want to maximize the value of your investment and ensure that it operates exactly as you need it to.

EPM FasTrack™ Benefits

  • Ensure Ease of Use: Built on SharePoint platform, FasTrack is intuitive. Templates, views and reports, standardized workflow and processes are designed with ease in mind.
  • Enjoy the Flexibility: FasTrack has multiple deployment options. It can be hosted by us at our tier-one data center as an online subscription-based service or installed on premise.
  • Customized to Fit Your Needs: FasTrack is not just pre-configured, it’s tailored for you. And you can upgrade anytime to the next level when you need additional capabilities.
  • Guaranteed Best Value: Getting users trained cost-effectively via role-based e-learning classes; utilizing our free hosting to evaluate and fine-tuned a solution developed for you while receiving a generous supporting package are all part what you get.

Key Components

  • Envisioning and requirement gathering to kick-start deployment
  • Configuring Project Server built on SharePoint Server
  • Developing business intelligence features, such as executive dashboards and reporting for CIO, PMO, and other executive roles
  • Implementing project lifecycle documents, templates and processes
  • Prototyping on our application hosting data center and offering interim or long-term hosting
  • Getting all users, Project Managers, Resource Managers and Team Members, trained via video-based training ( live training as an option)
  • Developing user documentation
  • Providing ongoing support

EPM FasTrack™ Editions

EPM FasTrack Team Edition
Designed for small teams of 50 or fewer, whose primary focus is project and status tracking, FasTrack Team includes custom fields and report views, and EPM Solutions’ Project Tracking Dashboard.

EPM FasTrack Department Edition
For departments of 50+ with a focus on project tracking and resource management, FasTrack Department includes all the features of Team plus custom fields and report views for resource management, and the EPM Solutions Resource Management Dashboard.

EPM FasTrack Portfolio Edition
For departments who manage project portfolios with fixed budgets, the demand management feature performs a ‘what if’ analysis to determine the most strategic project portfolio. It also allows the building of custom project lifecycle workflows with gates to collect data and evaluate business cases. Includes all FasTrack Department Edition features.

EPM FasTrack Enterprise Edition
To manage an enterprise portfolio of projects from multiple departments or cross-functional teams, FasTrack Enterprise includes all the features of Portfolio and the EPM Solutions’ dashboards for Finance, PMO, and CIO management. This edition comes complete with a PMI OPM3 Maturity Assessment and the FasTrack PMO Processes and tools.

EPM FasTrack can be customized, installed, or hosted, and ready for users to log in within two to four weeks. Some of our customers use hosting as an interim solution and migrate to their own infrastructure after the solutions are evaluated and stabilized, while others continue to use hosting for years. Although long-term hosting service may not seem cost-effective to some, if you take into consideration the building and maintaining high-performance system, administration, software upgrading, and having application developer/test environments, it is an appealing option for companies that prefer a hassle free experience.

To learn more about what FasTrack brings to you and how it works, click EPM FasTrack. To learn from other customer’s success story, click CaseStudy_GE Momentive_2011. 

What Clients Say
What attracted us initially is that EPM Solutions has a program already. Instead of having to spend weeks and months to understand what we need, EPM Solutions knows what we want and the system is designed to meet our specific requirements. The all-in-one solution—interview, training, and hosting and migration—make a nice even flow; I am very pleased with where we are right now and what EPM FasTrack has brought to us. – Momentive

For more information, to speak with a sales representative, or get a custom quote, please contact EPM Solutions at (888) 822-8246 or at Sales Inquiries.

Complete Custom Deployment To Meet Your Most Complex Needs

Since 2003, EPM Solutions has been successfully deploying Microsoft Project & Portfolio Management Solutions based on Project Server and SharePoint. We work closely with our customers to ensure high-quality and cost-effective implementation. For companies with a great many users, more complex needs, a significant amount of integration, extensive customizations, or other in-depth work, we offer complete custom deployment.

If a Custom PPM Deployment is right for your organization, one of our EPM Architects (certified PMP with at least 10 deployments) will lead, scope, and price your custom project.

To fully satisfy our clients’ enterprise project, program, portfolio and collaboration needs, we have developed Project Server products and services that enhance, integrate, and work seamlessly with the Microsoft Project Server and SharePoint. Our software development expertise enables us to meet your organization’s exact requirements and help you achieve a greater and quicker Return on Investment (ROI). We’ve already developed a variety of software application integrations and add-on tools, allowing you to drive more value and productivity from your investment in Microsoft Project Management & SharePoint solutions.

EPM Solutions understands the complexity and stress of selecting and introducing a new system into your organization. Reducing your anxiety and risk is an important part of our methodology. You will see how we do this every step of the way.

What Clients Say
Everyone in our cross-functional organization was duly impressed by the results, especially me! What impressed me even more was the reliable and honest way in which this project was managed and executed by EPM Solutions. In my mind, they will always be the ‘gold standard’ for how a technology partner should work with a client organization. – Strottman International

For more information, to speak with a sales representative, or get a custom quote, please contact EPM Solutions at (888) 822-8246 or at Sales Inquiries.

Project Intelligence At Your Fingertips

The level of expertise and efforts going into your project and portfolio management solution in order for you to render the kind of reports you need is vastly different. Microsoft Gold Partners certified in Business Intelligence, such as EPM Solutions, have been independently verified by Microsoft of their capability to develop and design reports and dashboards.

EPM Solutions has developed executive dashboards and reports to deliver improved decision making by leveraging data from a Project Server and SharePoint in real time. These dashboards can be tailored based upon a user’s role (CIO, portfolio manager, project manager, resource manager), and they allow the user to take action through integrated collaboration capabilities. Data can be displayed in a variety of formats, including static reports, pivot tables, graphs, and charts, rolling up and consolidating data into drillable executive dashboards.

Below are some of the very helpful high-level reports we have developed:

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01 LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01 LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01 LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01 LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01 LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01 LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

What Clients Say
One area we know we can make very good use of is the reports EPM Solutions created. Now my goal is to get users up to speed, but down the road, those reports are going to be very helpful for us and our executives. – Momentive

For more information, to speak with a sales representative, or get a custom quote, please contact EPM Solutions at (888) 822-8246 or at Sales Inquiries.

Get Project Server And SharePoint That Are Fully Functional

Unleash the power of Microsoft Project Server and SharePoint with a browser-based hosted solution. A pay-as-you-go option is the on demand hosting service with or without owning Microsoft software licenses.

Why do customers choose EPM Solutions?

Usually it is because we have expertise in both project management solution and IT infrastructure. EPM Solutions is certified in Advanced Infrastructure Solutions Competency (Hosting). This competency certifies our capability in delivering mission-critical, high-availability complex infrastructure solutions. We are also a Microsoft Gold Partner in Project Portfolio Management, Data Platform as well as Application Integration, ensuring you have a peace of mind knowing your partner has all the skills to take care of your needs. Read more for why you need to choose a Microsoft Gold Partner certified in multiple competencies.

Our Typical Hosting Customers

  • Companies desire to get better performance such as improved up-time, security and speed
  • Companies value the fast, flexible, scalable nature of hosting
  • Companies want to reduce IT overhead
  • Companies do not have in-house expertise or resources
  • Companies upgrading and migrating to the newer version and decide to eliminate entirely the internal support for the infrastructure and the applications

EPM Solutions combines the strengths of our Project Server and SharePoint with industry-leading hardware and networking infrastructure provided by Qwest. This means you can have your enterprise project & portfolio management system that’s highly secure and highly available. Click to view the Security Profile of our hosting facility or to take a virtual Data Center Tour.

Project Server and SharePoint are enterprise project, portfolio and collaboration tools. Making use of these tools involve much more than simply installing the software; they involve efforts at a strategy level as well as well thought-out governance structure and processes. Generic hosting companies do not provide functioning (configured) solutions; customers are often left on their own to make it work. Some hosting companies require customers to work with other vendors to create, support or train users on the solutions; this potentially creates delay and finger-pointing issues for failure.

Get a hosting company that understands your project management system, provides user training and support as needed to ensure your peace of  mind.

What Clients Say
East Jefferson Hospital is one of the many happy customers that discovered the convenience of using Project Server Hosting Service for this project management tool. It has been 3 years since our Project Server and SharePoint resided at the EPM Solutions data center. – Eastern Jefferson Hospital

For more information, to speak with a sales representative, or get a custom quote, please contact EPM Solutions at (888) 822-8246 or at Sales Inquiries.

Training & Support – Get Them From The Best

In our experience, every organization understands the importance of training the stakeholders, but rarely does an organization have the funds to train everyone, resulting in frustration when adopting the technology. EPM Solutions is passionate about customer success and has been exploring ways to reduce training costs in order to provide a good onboard experience for all enterprise users. Our solution has been developed using a combination of live, virtual, and video-based training, which are structured to provide cost-effective support while building internal capability.

The training team at EPM Solutions has delivered training nationwide to clients such as Siemens, Chevron, Cisco, Lockheed Martin, the U.S. Navy, and Fidelity National Financial, among many others. For a complete list of our live Project Server and Project Management courses, please visit the Training page.

What Clients Say
The training EPM Solutions provided is the very best. It kept my interest and contained a lot of real life examples. – Intel

Project Server 2010/2013 Support
In order for you to enjoy a worry-free Project Server and SharePoint experience, support is essential. EPM Solutions’ technical support team is fully dedicated to ensuring you receive timely responses (usually within 24 hours). Our expertise and knowledge in this area allow us to quickly provide you with answers, saving you both time and money.

As our customer, you will enjoy our generous support package—unmatched by any other company in the market—and have access to our Support Center, where you can track existing cases and log new ones.

What Clients Say
EPM Solutions’ support staff is definitely top notch. They are very helpful and very easy to work with. – Frank Rimerman

For more information, to speak with a sales representative, or get a custom quote, please contact EPM Solutions at (888) 822-8246 or at Sales Inquiries.