Project Server FasTrack

Sophia Zhou February 16, 2012
Project Server FasTrack

Remember your experience riding a bike for the first time? I remember mine. I fell off the bike and it hurt pretty bad. However, I made more attempts and finally got it … or so I thought. I was so excited that I rode the bike so fast I could not stop. I was taking a right turn when I saw a horse standing in the road. Since I was riding the bike at breakneck speed I literally could not stop, in order to avoid hitting the horse I fell off the bike, roaring on the ground and seriously injuring myself. I ended up going to the hospital to get skin stitched back together.

Why I am talking about this? Because this is related to many companies’ experiences implementing the Microsoft Project Server and SharePoint-based project portfolio and collaboration solution. When working internally without the specialized skills in these technologies, or working with a new partner who has not done this many times, falling off the bike is no surprise.

Project Server and SharePoint together make the world’s number one project portfolio management and collaboration tool. We are proud to be one of the first companies working with Microsoft to bring these technologies to customers both in the U.S. and overseas.  Getting great experiences, happy customers, credentials, Microsoft verifications and certifications are among the things we have focused on in the last 10 years—ever since Microsoft launched these tools in 2002.

My intent is for every customer we work with to not only save money, but also to get the best results for the system and to truly address their challenges effectively in project management, resource management, portfolio selection, and collaboration at a higher productivity rate.

In terms of helping customers save time and money, doing it from scratch is very different from having done it many times. For example, a consulting firm new to these technologies may spend months developing documentations, but for us it will be much less time because we are not developing them from scratch. We customize what we already have developed for many other customers, working on templates so to speak.

It is the same for our Project Server FasTrack, a set of best practice-based configurations that we tailor to each customer. When helping our customers get Project Server and SharePoint implemented, we never start with a blank state.  FasTrack has now been on the market for more than 4 years and, on average, we are saving our customers at least 30%. As we continue to make it more intuitive and easily tailor-able for our customers, we expect this product to be even more easy to use. In fact, I want our customers to be able to use this tool “effortlessly”. That is a worthy goal.

Stitch marks are not pretty, but it would have been much more worse if I hit that big guy.:-)




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