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General Questions

Q: How do you deliver your Project & Project Server trainings?
A: Through a variety of methods: Onsite Instructor-Led Custom training (ILC), Instructor-Led Online training (ILO) and e-Learning.

Q: What’s the difference between e-Learning, ILC and ICO?
A: e-Learning is self-paced, computer based training (CBT) you can take anytime, anywhere; ILO is monthly scheduled course delivered by a live instructor via an online platform to a group of people from different organizations; while ILC is customized for your group at your location delivered by a live instructor at a mutually agreed upon date and time.

Q: What are the lengths of the classes?
A: They are from 2 to 4 days and 7 hours a day. This includes instruction and lab time.

Q: Which is your most cost effective learning option?
A: Onemand e-Learning is the most cost effective option. It’s $1200 per user, $2,500 for 10 users and $5,900 for 50 users.

Q: What’s the cost for Instructor-Led Custom training (ILC)?
A: Cost for ILC classes is based on number of days, number of students and travel expenses. If prefer live instruction, this option is for you. Contact us for a custom quote.

Q: Can I get help if I have questions related to the training materials?
A: Yes. We have training support you can count on. Our goal is to answer questions submitted via our Support Portal within 24 hours. You can purchase support hours when you purchase training.

Q: What other training does EPM Solutions offer?
A: In addition to Project & Project Server training, we frequently train companies on Project Management Fundamentals and PMP certification prep.

About Project Server Ondemand e-Learning

Q: Why take a self-paced e-Learning class?
A: Project Server e-Learning classes provide “hands-on” training to employees in remote or dispersed locations. The intended audience is individuals who prefer to learn at their own pace or company’s seeking effective training at a lower cost.

Q: Do I need to have server and software on our computer?
A: You don’t need any software on your computer. You access to our software via internet.

Q: How much time do I have to complete the course and how much time do I have to use the Lab?
A: You have a full year to complete the course and 30 days for the Learning Labs. The subscription starts when you first log in.v

Q: My company will have about 50-100 users, but some of them don’t need the training immediately. How much time do we have before the licenses expire?
A: License does not expire. Individuals can start anytime when the training is needed.

Q: What happens after I sign up and pay online?
A: Usually within 48 hours you will receive welcome letter and log in instruction.

Q: Can I switch computers after I first login?
A: The e-Learning license is locked in to one computer, so choose which computer to use (home or office) wisely.

Q: How do I get the course material?
A: Project Server training manuals can have as many as 400 pages. We no longer print and ship them for cost and environment saving purpose. They are viewable and downloadable directly from our Learning Management System (LSM).

Q: Is the material for the e-Learning class different from the ILO or ILC version?
A: The material in e-Learning class is the same content as offered in the classroom.

Q: What is Project Server Learning Labs and why it’s important?
A: The Learning Lab offers hands-on exercises. It is hosted remotely on our data center with real-time access provided through the Web. Using real products that are configured to practice all scenarios, Learning Lab provides students with a tremendous opportunity to grasp the technology.

Q: What are the requirements for computer systems to take the self-paced e-learning course?
A: OS – Windows Vista or Windows 7 Computer (Windows 8 not supported yet); Browser – Microsoft Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9 (IE 10 not supported yet). Other browsers not supported; IE browser settings – user must be permitted to configure IE security settings; Firewall  – must allow remote desktop services on port 80.

About Instructor –Led Online training (ILO)

Q: Why take Instructor-Led Online training?
A: ILO is designed for people who cannot (or prefer not) to travel to a classroom course, but find the interaction with instructor or peers highly beneficial.

Q: Is ILO a public enrollment class?
A: Yes.  Classes are scheduled bi-monthly. 3-weeks advance registration is required.

Q: Which course is offered in this ILO format?
A: Project Server for Project Administrators. For companies using internal resources for Project Server implementation, this is a must- have training. Project Server for Project Managers is also an essential training, and that now comes in e-learning format. E-learning gets more people trained with less cost, every company using Project Server should have this course.

Q: What’s the cost for the 4-days Project Server for Project Administrators?
A: Gone are the days you have to pay a fortune to get one person trained. Cost now is $2,400 for TWO.

Q: Can you provide training just for our group?
A: Yes. If you have 6 or more students, we can schedule a time for your group alone.

Q: It would be nice to get your e-Learning material so we can go back to review the content after the live class ends?
A: Now you can. For a limited time you will receive all the benefits offered by our e-Learning.

About System requirements

Q: What do I need on my system to take an e-Learning or ILO class?
A: Windows 7+, IE 8+, Internet access

Q: Are there any firewall issues?
A: You will need to have an internet access for port 80 and enable the following IE security properties:

  1. Change your security settings by clicking Tools, Internet options, click the Security tab, and then select Internet Zone. Click Custom Level, and then set the following:
  • Allow previously unused ActiveX controls run without prompt – enable
  • Automatic prompting for active controls – disable
  • Binary & Script behavior – enable
  • Download signed active controls – enable
  • Download Unsigned active controls – prompt
  • Run active controls and plug ins – enable
  • Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting – enable
  • Access data sources across domains – enable
  • Allow scripting of IE web browser control – enable
  1. Click OK.
  2. Remove any proxy setting: click Connections tab, click LAN Settings, and then uncheck all boxes. Click OK twice.