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Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful tool that allows organizations to improve effectiveness by providing comprehensive content management, enterprise search, accelerating shared business processes, and facilitating information sharing across boundaries for better business insight.

EPM Solutions’ SharePoint Services primarily focus on the following areas:

  • SharePoint Deployment Consulting
  • SharePoint Envisioning Workshop
  • SharePoint Need Assessment
  • Information Analysis
  • SharePoint Server Farm Architecture Consulting
  • Pilot Implementation
  • SharePoint Consolidation
  • SharePoint Architecture Design

SharePoint Deployment Consulting
EPM Solutions’ Consultants have vast experience in planning, designing, and implementing effective SharePoint solutions. Without the right plan and execution, the creation and maintenance of SharePoint Solutions can drain valuable resources. We begin with a business analysis, then install and configure the SharePoint Server in a development environment before building a SharePoint solution, including the high-level taxonomy and look and feel customizations. End user and administrator training as well as documentation are provided to help clients develop good governance and management practices.

SharePoint Envisioning Workshop
The SharePoint Envisioning Workshop is a one-day interactive roundtable session with an EPM Solutions SharePoint Consultant. The session is focused on helping you understand if and how SharePoint technology can meet your business needs. The session also provides a case study in your industry or vertical market as to how SharePoint and EPM Solutions helped other organizations as well as the measurable benefits.


  • Interactive presentation in a casual environment to transfer knowledge of SharePoint technologies capabilities, functionality, configuration, and development
  • Case study sharing and presentation
  • Mapping your organizational content, workflow, and collaboration needs via automated discovery tools and interviews with key personnel
  • Identification of key business processes in order to ensure that your SharePoint solution will provide sustainable and measurable value to your organization
  • Evaluation and mitigation of deployment risks

SharePoint Need Assessment
EPM Solutions will review and assess the current business and technical landscapes, conducting a high- level assessment of key areas such as current knowledge management processes, collaboration practices, workflow, and the technical infrastructure.

Assessments are designed to help you make informed decisions in order to maximize the benefits of SharePoint in your unique environment. At the conclusion of the assessment engagement, EPM Solutions experts will identify the full scope of solution options and provide recommendations for maximizing value.

A critical component to deploying a successful SharePoint solution is defining the information architecture or “taxonomy”. To help determine a high-level taxonomy, EPM Solutions reviews the current business landscape, focusing on Intranet presence, current document management handling and storage procedures, as well as other relevant material such as an overall document management strategy, business vision, and business goals/objectives.

EPM Solutions also assesses the current technical landscape including infrastructure, directory services, email/messaging, client desktops, and current resource capabilities. This review allows EPM Solutions to map SharePoint capabilities with your business needs and technical environment.


  • Comprehensive report outlining key findings, overall vision of the SharePoint environment, and a recommended forward-looking strategy
  • A high-level SharePoint infrastructure design diagram based on the assessment report.
  • Detailed report of operational and technical risks associated with your current information structure
  • Risk mitigation recommendations based on EPM Solutions’ proven methodology, expertise, and experience

Information Analysis
An information model establishes the folder structure, naming conventions, categories, attributes, and permissions for storing your information. We can help you adequately analyze your information in order to implement a model that provides a strategic framework for storage and retrieval. We can do all this with your system’s performance in mind.

SharePoint Architecture Design
There are several steps to determine the proper configuring architecture. Because there are always trade-offs to designing a configuration, it is important to understand what the important criteria are for the organization, including user response time, budgets, growth, short and long-term plans, and more.

Successful deployment depends on thorough planning and configuration while creating an accurate set of community, permission, and information models. EPM Solutions’ deployment services create a dynamic framework for organizing, categorizing, and securing information in order to manage all aspects of your users’ experience.

Based on our experienced-driven best practices, EPM Solutions’ design services provide a comprehensive and detailed architecture and implementation plan—laying the path for success. At the conclusion of the design engagement, you will have a complete understanding of how the solution can be implemented successfully in your environment with minimal end-user disruption.

Pilot Implementation
Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 brings together a solid platform for implementation of collaboration, portal, workflow web-forms, and content management. Our goal is to improve the way your organization shares information.


  • A high level report outlining key findings and overall vision of the SharePoint environment
  • Content Assessment and Architecture Review—An assessment is conducted of your identified content and collaboration needs. We develop a hierarchy that facilitates information management – this is customized to your business objectives and is flexible to accommodate growth.
  • Portal Development—A basic portal is developed providing a practical foundation to address the business and technology issues identified during the Content Assessment and Architecture Review.
  • Portal Pilot—SharePoint server is installed and the solution is implemented and tested in your environment.
  • SharePoint Portal is operational—An overview of our recommendations and best practices for portal management and governance is provided.
  • A pilot SharePoint infrastructure design diagram including “As Built” documentation

SharePoint Server Farm Architecture Consulting
Expanding your SharePoint installation to a server farm can be a daunting task. Making sure your portal is available and responsive to local and remote users should be a primary concern to any organization. By taking advantage of our experience in this area, your company can avoid the many pitfalls associated with this type of project.

SharePoint Consolidation
The SharePoint Server can be deployed on a single server or on multiple servers. Teams and departments can install additional SharePoint Server computers and workspaces as required. However, a cost-effective solution for most organizations is to integrate, and perhaps consolidate, SharePoint Server computers.

Companies that have implemented SharePoint have found it was not tied into an overall IT strategy. As a result, they have experienced “SharePoint sprawl”—the proliferation of SharePoint throughout the environment as disconnected islands.

SharePoint Consolidation engagement discovers the SharePoint sites and servers within your environment and analyzes the function of each instance. Based on the data collected and combined with your overall requirements and IT strategy, EPM Solutions will design an enterprise-wide SharePoint solution for your organization.


  • An assessment report details the SharePoint sites and servers within your environment
  • A high-level, enterprise-wide SharePoint architecture design
  • A recommended approach for moving forward

Our certified and highly skilled SharePoint architects, developers, and administrators have practical, hands-on experience with SharePoint. We have delivered a variety of SharePoint-based solutions including:

  • Intranet/Extranet/Portal
  • Document Management/Record Management
  • Executive Dashboard, Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Project Management Using SharePoint

What Clients Say
EPM Solutions’ approach, time to install, package, and report options were in line with our needs. Their training complimented the product offering, the flexibility and approach was very much organized, yet accommodating, and staff very knowledgeable. We had what we needed within the prescribed timeline. In fact, they often were more accommodating with us getting back to them in a timely manner, which allowed us much needed grace periods on a very aggressive schedule, that was driven by us! – Avail

For more information, to speak with a sales representative, or get a custom quote, please contact EPM Solutions at (888) 822-8246 or at Sales Inquiries.