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    We received quotes from three companies requesting the same level of features and services, what we received from you saved us 50%
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    We have 50 seats on EPM Solutions hosted server farm (Project Server and SharePoint), it works out very well. The response time is good. If we have to go through purchasing servers and all components needed, it will take much longer
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Take a fresh look at your data … from the inside out

In an effort to stay one step ahead, businesses collect large amounts of data ranging from demographics, buyer behavior, and customer loyalty to financial and operational data. Unfortunately, without a way of organizing and displaying it, the data is useless for decision making. EPM Solutions deploys Microsoft BI tools to help make sense of your data and present it in a visual and timely manner. Our solution delivers business intelligence by integrating the strengths of these products onto a single platform to empower informed business decisions. We offer a full range of business intelligence solutions that work together to form a comprehensive, end-to-end solution with the scalability and vision to help drive your business forward.

Business Intelligence Reporting creates:

  • Scorecard Solutions Offers highly summarized views with Key Performance Indicators (or KPIs) measured and scored against predefined targets such as a balanced scorecard.
  • Performance Monitoring Caters to executive users who require at-a-glace visibility on the health of the business. The Performance Monitoring feature allows drill down investigation.

We work with the following Microsoft BI products:

  • PerformancePoint Services
  • Report Builder
  • Reporting Services
  • Excel 2010
  • Power Pivot For Excel

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world, organizations have a need to provide the right information to the right person at the right time. Microsoft provides a variety of BI tools that fit a variety of situations. Performance Monitoring and Scorecard Solution help to drive accountability and enable an organization to move quickly from monitoring information to analyzing it, sharing it, and taking action in order to create a healthier and more promising business. EPM Solutions is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in Business Intelligence. We have demonstrated strategic and domain technical skills to take you on this very rewarding journey.

Quote from Microsoft
EPM Solutions has reached the status of Gold Certified Partner in Business Intelligence by demonstrating increased levels of developer certification, deep real-world experience, and by providing completed customer reference projects that were independently verified by Microsoft. – Microsoft

For more information, to speak with a sales representative, or get a custom quote, please contact EPM Solutions at (888) 822-8246 or at Sales Inquiries.

Giving the boss the big picture

Organizations that have successfully implemented the Balanced Scorecard have achieved remarkable transformations in their financial performance, in many cases vaulting to the top ranks in their industry groups. Many aspects of Balanced Scorecard development and deployment depend on the effective use of technology to be successful. EPM Solutions uses the Microsoft Balanced Scorecard Framework that allows organizations to:

  • Develop and deploy a scorecard economically using an existing infrastructure.
  • Manage and display the data and knowledge pertinent to Balanced Scorecards.
  • Facilitate a measurement analysis so that prompt, corrective action can take place.

Just as baseball fanatics diligently keep stats on their favorite players and teams while monitoring key indicators on their achievement, organizations do the same on the clearly articulated set of metrics that measure and monitor businesses performance to achieve their strategic objectives. Scorecard Solutions enable a company to measure enterprise-wide performance against organizational goals, as well as the timely presentation of trends and KPIs that are critical in driving business decisions.

Key Components

  • A small number of KPIs are identified and monitored against articulated targets.
  • The KPIs’ relative importance is known and weighted to provide an overall “score” for an organization, department, or individual’s performance.
  • Business objectives and their related KPIs are presented hierarchically and can be filtered to help determine root causes of outliers.
  • A corporate data platform is in place and includes an OLAP component—all are refreshed regularly.
  • The scorecard is often broadly deployed and can be easily consumed and navigated with a browser.

Below is a series of sample reporting created by ReportBuilder Advanced Data Visualization:

For more information, to speak with a sales representative, or get a custom quote, please contact EPM Solutions at (888) 822-8246 or at Sales Inquiries.


You can’t manage something you can’t measure. Dashboards are one of management’s key techniques to make sure an organization is performing according to its objectives. Just as a dashboard in a car helps a driver quickly understand the real-time operational performance of the automobile, a dashboard report helps business decision makers understand the current health of their business.

A dashboard often combines KPIs from various business functions on a single page to help provide an at-a-glance view of performance and the ability to drill down further when something is off track or performing extremely well. Performance Monitoring is generally found in more mature BI environments where data points of interest have been defined, key determinants of business success have been identified, and a comprehensive BI strategy exists.

Key Components

  • Provides an at-a-glance view of business performance.
  • Provides a more holistic view of the business or business functions by combining together multiple types of content.
  • Data in multiple formats are combined onto one page. Some examples might include a tabular report with spark-lines, trended graphs or bar charts, and geospatial maps or scorecards.
  • Users can drill down to perform a root cause analysis for data anomalies.
  • A corporate data platform is in place and includes an OLAP component—all are refreshed regularly.
  • Often deployed broadly across the organization and within various levels in the organization.

For more information, to speak with a sales representative, or get a custom quote, please contact EPM Solutions at (888) 822-8246 or at Sales Inquiries.